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A shootout by Neil English


Istar Optical attended the 2nd annual Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo held in Tucson Arizona. We certainly enjoyed talking to our customers in person. It also gave us a chance to display a few of our scopes especially the new TCR (truss constructed refractors). Our very large 204mm F12 TCR drew quite a bit of attention. We also showed a prototype of our newly engineered tubes in white with retractable dew shields, better balance and lighter weight. We look forward to meeting many of our loyal and future customers in New York this spring at the annual Northeast Astronomy Forum.




For nine years Craig Weatherwax and the gang at OPT Telescopes have put on the Southern California Astronomy Expo (SCAE) in Oceanside California. OPT has the perfect setup to host such an event. Two levels of vendors set up outside in cool summer temperatures. A large conference room is located on the first floor of the OPT complex to accommodate quest speakers and their audiences throughout the day. A great selection of telescopes and accessories are displayed by dealers and manufacturers. Popular names like Plainwave, Televue, Daystar, Meade, Celestron, Optronics, Optec, QSI and of course Istar Optical line the two levels in tents.


Asteria TCR 204-12 R35


ONLY 17.3 KG

ONLY 17.3 KG 

Stranger than Fiction!




This paper has compared and contrasted the optical properties of two refractors; a 4” F/6.3 doublet apochromat and a 4” F/15 Fraunhofer achromat, of classical design. The remit of the study was initially broader, including triplet apochromats, but this class of telescope was omitted from consideration, as the findings were broadly similar to those of doublets.



ONLY 14.5 KG

ONLY 14.5 KG 

Asteria TCR 204-8 R35

ASTERIA AT 127-12 R30




Strongly Reduced Chromatic Aberration doublet with near SEMI APO performance.

Istar is proud to introduce an all new, second generation Ares WFX 150mm F5

with exciting features our customers were asking for.


  The Heart of this wide field Comet Hunter is a recently designed 154mm F5 R50-Slim improved Achromatic doublet.

This new lens is substantially lighter and Chromatic aberration is reduced to near Semi APO  levels with unmatched

resolution. New white tubes with all inner parts completely re-designed for reduced weight. Split construction counter cell

with fully retractable dew shield, bayonet style locking mechanism and slim lens cap held by neodymium magnets. Each OTA is

shipped with 360° fully rotatable dual speed 2.0” WO Rack and Pinion focuser in white finish and a set of 160mm “Fast Lock” Mounting

Rings. All scope parts are precision CNC machined in the European Union out of aircraft grade alloys and powder coated. All this for only $2085.

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  Watch for the release of our next generation line of super lightweight 8" Refractors the Phoenix WXT 204mm F6, Perseus AXT 204mm F9and Asteria AXT 204mm F8 R45-S. Stay tuned!

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